Tips on Starting a Conversation using tao of badass

The Tao of Badass: Tips on Starting a Conversation

The Tao of Badass was written by Joshua Pellicer. It offers men tip on many things including starting a conversation. Here are some of the highlights from The Tao of Badass:

1. Ask real questions

Ask real, “non-threatening” questions. Forget about games and pick-up lines. Just ask “authentic questions” that will allow the woman to feel like she is safe so she can trust you and have a conversation with you.

Tips on Starting a Conversation using tao of badass

2. Be perceptive and observant

You need to pay attention to your specific surroundings. If you can be aware of the people and things around you then you will never run out of things to say in a conversation. Women find observant, perceptive men to be attractive.

3. Don’t stress. Keep it light.

Don’t let them see you sweat. Women stress too. Take her mind off her troubles. Have a sense of humor and maybe she will want to spend more time chatting.

4. Listen actively

Being a smooth talker isn’t important. You need to be a smooth listener. Don’t monopolize the conversation. Just listen. If you are extroverted and think you are talking too much turn things round and ask her questions. Listen to her responses. When responding make it obvious that the woman understands you were truly listening.

5. Stay “in the moment” or “present”

Forget your bills and your job and what time the game is on, guys. Focus on the woman in front of you and get out of your head. Focus on the actual conversation. Some women call it being “present” and it can make or break the deal.

The Tao of Badass does note that these skills can take a bit of time. One must work on these things as they may not automatically come naturally. Nevertheless, they can make a real difference


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