How to impress a girl with tao of badass

How to impress a girl is one of the most challenging questions that many men find hard to deal with. For any man out there, the process of making an impression to that girl you are chasing means being knowledgeable that ladies are impressed by different things. It is important you know that approaching and impressing a girl is an art that is learned, developed and nurtured through a bail-out called the Tao of Badass.

Although girls have different preferences and taste when it comes to choosing a man, however, girls mostly have a universal consideration before accepting a man’s proposal. Therefore, as a man, you need to get the Tao of Badass to get a ticket to their hearts and know what ladies look out for in men.


It has been revealed that many girls prioritize a man’s good personality on top of their list. If you have a great, admirable and a good personality, it would be a plus when it comes to dating. The Tao of Badass has the key personality issues girls look out for in a man.

One important thing you need to take care of as a man is how to sharpen your conversation skills when with her. Avoid being too talkative about things that a girl is not interested in since it creates an impression that you don’t value her interests. The Tao of Badass explicitly read how you could achieve this to your heart.

Conversation is the master key to impressing a girl. Girls fall in love with funny guys so easily. It is important that the jokes you are throwing do not bring a negative impact on her looks. As such; the Tao of Badass always is an embodiment of ways how you could be humorous and make her laugh taking into consideration your environment as well.

Paying attention is one great tip if you want to impress a girl. Girls love guy who always listen to them and wouldn’t toy with their emotions. Also, don’t try to starring at other girls whenever you are together. This shows a sign of commitment and they always fall for guys that stick by this golden tip.

It doesn’t cost a huge to impress that girl of your dreams. You don’t need to appear or live in a flamboyant lifestyle to impress a girl as it only takes simple tips in the Tao of Badass.


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