The Tao Of Badass – Shocking Review – Must Read

The Tao Of badass

When I first heard about The Tao of Badass I admit that I was skeptical about it. There was no way that a guy that looks like me with no job would ever be able to get a 9 or a 10 out on a date let alone into the bedroom. Boy I was so wrong.

I watched the video, bought the program and immediately started studying. A few days later I decided that I needed to try it out because I was feeling a bit bored. I went to the local watering hole to give it a shot. The results were amazing.

The Tao of Badass System

Women usually aren’t attracted to guys like me. I’m in my middle 40’s. I love video games and have every new gaming system that has come out in the past 10 years. My employment is sketchy right now. I’m unemployed and always broke unless I pick up the occasional assignment from the temp agency in town. I am currently living in my childhood bedroom at my parent’s house. I’m not exactly what most women consider a prize catch.

Back to the bar. When I walked in the door I was thinking about the pickup lines that I learned from The Tao of Badass. I was trying to figure out which one would I use first and if it would really work.

I scanned the room and noticed the most beautiful blonde woman in the world. What I would have given to get a shot at her. Then I remembered that after what I learned from studying the program, I did have a shot at her. I ordered my beer, paid in my quarters and sat down at the bar to plan my strategy.

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 Thinking about the program and everything that I had learned about the secrets to psychologically manipulating women to being physically attracted to a guy like me and willing to sleep with me almost immediately, I figured now was as good a time to test the program. I walked up to the blonde girl, looked directly at her mouth and asked her where she had been all my life.

She stopped her conversation with her girlfriend, turned and looked at me, smiled and told me that I was just adorable. We continued to talk for a few minutes until I had finished my beer. Then the oddest thing happened, she offered to buy me another beer! The Tao Of badass The most beautiful woman in the place wanted to buy me a drink instead of the traditional guy buys the drinks for the woman. Six beers and two hours of conversation later, I asked her if she wanted to go home with me because she was giving me that look.

This stuff was working and I was in heaven.

I found out her name was Susie. Susie went back to my parents house with me and we had an amazing time. She called me the next day but I was too busy to answer her because I had decided to go out to try this amazing process again. This time I was in the mood for a brunette. I was completely broke so the bar was out but there’s a city park down the street from my parents house so I decided to try there.

As fate would have it there was a beautiful brunette sitting on a park bench reading a book. I started to get nervous until I remembered the events with Susie the day before at my parents house.

The wind picked up and blew her scarf off from around her neck. Jackpot. Perfect excuse to talk to her even though I really didn’t need one. I had the encyclopedia of getting lucky with women embedded into my brain but a little nudge never hurt anything. I picked up the scarf, walked over to the park bench to hand it to her. She was smiling as she told me thank you.

I used the same technique that I had used the day before with Susie. I looked at her mouth, made sure I had a look of amazement on my face and asked her where she had been all my life. She giggled, which was a good sign.

Her name was Barbara. I think she said she was in town on business. She took me out to dinner that evening and it was her idea. Since I was broke, she paid and didn’t even think twice about it. I remembered the advice on how not to kill attraction so I never mentioned past relationships, occasionally touched her hand, kept eye contact and when it was time for me to talk about myself I always put a positive spin on the facts that I was unemployed and living with my parents.

Once again the techniques worked. I was intimate with two different women two days in a row. I felt like a God and like nothing could stop me.

Barbara and Susie still call me and I do occasionally meet up with them when I don’t have anyone new on the hook. They are always my go-to women when there’s no one else around. It’s nice to finally be chased by women because it is something that I never thought I’d experience. Women really do want a guy that is wanted by other women and because of this program and the confidence that it has given me, I am now that guy.

The Tao of Badass has taught me the psychological triggers for driving women crazy and has completely turned my life around. I feel more confident with women now because I know I can have any woman that I want, anytime that I want her. It’s a good feeling and buying The Tao of Badass was the best decision that I have ever made in my life. I will eventually find the woman that I want to settle down with and marry but not before I’ve fully tested her out and this program will give me the ability to do that.

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